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Why  you should register as a buyer:

Exhibitors have to find and purchase a market show animal.  Market show animals and the feed purchased is expensive. They are responsible for feeding, caring and exercising the animal to fit for show.  A lot of time and money goes into each one of these animals and many purchase more than one animal.  


Erath Co Junior Livestock Show rules only allow one animal per exhibitor to be sold in the premium sale.  The project, which typically involves the family or assistance, promotes individual character, morals and teaches responsibility.  


The Premium money from the sale goes to pay offset costs of the animal and feed.  Exhibitors will save the extra money to help pay for college.  This program does not offer scholarships.  The exhibitors keep the animal from the Premium Sale, and many take the animal on to compete in the Texas major shows.

How the Livestock Auction Works:

Buyers need to register and check in at the Livestock Auction registration desk prior to the auction.  They will be provided a buyer number and sale catalog.

The sale catalog lists all of the animals and exhibitor name.   When a buyer wishes to bid on an animal, they just raise their buyer number.  The bidding continues until the high bid is reached with the animal going to the highest bidder.

Remember, whether a buyer buys or not, bidding helps to increase the sale price of the animal, which helps the 4-H and FFA youth realize a profit on their market project animal.

All sales are at a premium so no animal is exchanged in the sale.

What Buyers do after they buy:

Following a buyer’s successful bid for an animal, an invoice will be sent to you via email/mail to submit your payment. 

New Buyer Registration

Registration Instructions:
  1. Confirm your name or business is not in the drop-down list on the log in page to avoid duplicate registration.

  2. Complete the buyer name (this is the name that will be displayed on the auction site), contact name, address, email, and cell phone. Make sure it is a cell phone to receive text messages. Select Register. A text message will be sent to you with your 4-digit security code.

  3. Return to the login page and select your name in the drop-down list.

  4. Enter your 4-digit security code that was just text to you. This security code is your bidding code for the auction, remaining the same each time you log in. You do not have to request a new code each time.

Still having trouble logging in or need to verify your contact information - call the Fair Office

Returning Buyer

Log-In Instructions:
  1. Search and Select your name from the drop-down list.

  2. Name doesn't appear? Click "New Buyer? Register Here"

  3. Name appears? Request your unique Security Code. You will receive a text message with a 4-digit security code that will be your code for the duration of the auction.

  4. Enter Security Code.

  5. Sign In.

Still having trouble? Contact the Fair Office.

Add-on donations provides youth participants in the Livestock Auction the ability to obtain additional funds from friends, family, business, and interested parties that can add on to the sale price of the animal of a designated exhibitor.  


Add-On donations may be made to Any Entered exhibitor.


Please register as a buyer and visit to submit your add-ons.

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